Arimakan / Kaminoyama Onsen


We would like for our customers, many of whom come from far away to truly enjoy their stay at the Arimakan.

With such thoughts in mind, we have been gradually expanding our facilities.

Please enjoy your stay at the hotel.

In addition to local specialties of Yamagata prefecture, we offer stylish products from brands around the world.
Why not purchase something as a memory of your journey or for souvenirs.
Opening times: 7am – 9pm

We have a rare collection of horse artifacts on display. The collection is also a play on words (Uma can mean "working out nicely" as well as horse in Japanese).

The restaurant operates from morning until evening.
※ Open by reservation only

To rehearse before the dinner party or as an after party, sing as much as you want to your heart's content.
Price: 2,200 yen per hour for 1 room.

Why not relax for a while upon arrival. Enjoy aromatic coffees and teas.
Karaoke is offered in the evenings.

We offer large, medium and small sized banquet halls to choose from according to party size.
We cater to banquets and conferences for day use as well as overnight stay. Please consult us with the number of guests and intended purpose and we will plan your venue.

One of the great joys at hot spring hotels is playing the retro arcade machines.
Feel the excitement that can only be enjoyed at hot spring hotels!

Wi-Fi can be used throughout the hotel, lobby, rooms and banquet hall.

Please use the safe in your room to store valuables. (Please be careful not to lose the key). We will also take care of valuables at the front desk.

Please contact the room clerk or the front desk for drinks, etc. (until 9pm)

Please use freely. Drinks can be purchased from the gift shop (until 9pm) or vending machines.

Please contact the front desk. We may be unable to serve you if we are busy so please contact us early if possible. 4,000 yen for 30 minutes (tax included)

Please contact the front desk.
We will bring the game to your room.
●Mahjong 3,300 yen (tax included)
●Go, Shogi 500 yen (tax included)

Please contact the front desk.

All-you-can-watch video-on-demand (VOD) available in every room.

For free of charge, you can watch a total of 8 channels including English movies, Japanese movies, Variety Programs.

For a charge of 1000 yen, you can watch Adult channels.

We have a charger for electric cars located in the parking space. You are very welcome to visit us in an electric car.

The hotel is accessible for customers with disabilities.
It is possible to travel freely throughout the hotel by wheelchair.
We have minimized level differences throughout the hotel so that customers can move around easily and safely.

This inn has become a barrier -free, you can move in a wheelchair to all locations of the hotel. A foot, a step is also a little barrier free structure boundlessly so as not to fail.

For customers of having a food allergy and we have been a correspondence that omits the appropriate ingredients, but not a complete correspondence of food allergy. For customer health and safety, we do not provide meals to the customers. Please tell at the time of booking. We will deduct the amount of dishes.